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Danny D

Born the same year as the Fender Strat, Danny Douglass has lived in Texas for 46 years. A self taught musician since his teens Danny went to work at a small guitar store in Seabrook in '84 and before long married Lynn and together they took over operations. Today they are blessed with 2 Daughters,5 Grandkids, a dog, 2 horses, 1 cat & various occasional critters.


Lynn Douglass

Lynn was our shop mother and her importance to our shop cannot be measured. Danny and Lynn bought the store in 1984 and worked side by side for nearly 40 years as husband and wife. Shes responsible for the shops decor and did a lot behind the scenes for the shop. Her greates passions were her family, animals, and her love of horses. She was a college basketball player who never lost her competitive streak. We lost her in 2023 and miss her everyday. She was a mother and grandmother and left her impact on everyone who met her.


General Manager



Deacon is the mastermind behind the scenes at Danny D's Guitar Hacienda, wielding his expertise as the clever and resourceful General Manager. With his uncanny ability to juggle multiple responsibilities, he seamlessly manages everything from the shop's websites to the bustling sales floor, and just about everything in between. Deacon's unwavering passion for Fender guitars is evident in his extensive knowledge of their history, craftsmanship, and distinctive tones.When he's not running the show at the shop, Deacon can be found shredding alongside his surf band and has played just about ever venue San Antonio, Austin, and Houston have to  offer.

As the driving force behind Danny D's Guitar Hacienda, Deacon's encyclopedic knowledge of guitars, his unparalleled management skills, and his infectious enthusiasm make him an invaluable asset to the team. He ensures that customers receive expert guidance, personalized recommendations, and exceptional service. Deacon's deep understanding of guitar pedals and effects further solidifies his reputation as the go-to guru for musicians seeking to sculpt their sound. Whether he's fine-tuning the shop's operations, strumming his favorite Fender guitar, or crafting mesmerizing melodies with his surf band, Deacon's dedication and expertise leave an indelible mark on the guitar community.





Sales/ Repairs


Angel is the dynamic force behind our guitar sales and repair department, bringing a unique blend of experience and passion to the table. With a decade-long career spanning four different local guitar shops, Angel has honed his expertise in all things guitar-related. His deep understanding of instruments and gear makes him an invaluable resource for musicians seeking the perfect match for their sonic needs. But Angel's talents extend beyond the sales floor and repair bench. As an engineer at Sugarhill Studios, Houston's oldest and most renowned recording studio, he harnesses his love for both recording and playing guitar to create captivating sonic landscapes.

Angel's multifaceted abilities make him a true powerhouse in the music industry. Whether he's advising customers on the perfect guitar, meticulously repairing instruments, engineering captivating recordings, or commanding the stage with his band Beholder, he consistently delivers exceptional results. His unwavering enthusiasm, combined with his deep knowledge and love for all things guitar, ensure that musicians receive top-notch guidance and support when working with him. We are thrilled to have Angel as a vital part of our team, knowing that his expertise and creative spirit will continue to leave a lasting impact on Houston's music scene.



Tech/ Repairs


Rock N Roll Pete is a highly accomplished guitar technician with an impressive career spanning over 30 years. His journey began in 1994 when he embarked on his professional path at Danny D's, a renowned establishment in the music industry. It was there that Pete cultivated his passion for guitars and developed his exceptional skill set, setting the stage for a lifelong commitment to his craft.

Following his tenure at Danny D's, Pete's reputation as a top-tier technician led him to another prominent chain, where he continued to refine his expertise and expand his knowledge base. However, recognizing the allure of working with a team that shared his dedication and commitment to excellence, he eventually found his home with us, and we've been fortunate to have him ever since.

While Pete's love for metal guitar is evident in his work and personal playing style, it is worth noting that he possesses a diverse musical background. Before delving into the world of guitars, Pete was a classically trained violinist, showcasing his versatility and deep understanding of music theory. This unique blend of influences allows him to approach his craft with an open mind and a broad perspective, resulting in meticulous attention to detail and exceptional results in his work as a guitar technician. With his wealth of experience and unwavering dedication, Rock N Roll Pete continues to be an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted resource for musicians seeking the perfect guitar setup.




Tech/ Repairs


Andrew is a seasoned guitar tech with an impressive career spanning over two decades. Having dedicated himself to the craft of guitar maintenance and repair, he has established himself as an authority in the field. Andrew's journey began in Los Angeles, where he spent around 20 years immersed in the vibrant music scene. During this time, he had the opportunity to showcase his skills both on stage and behind the scenes, playing music and working for renowned guitar manufacturers ESP and Schecter.

With a musical taste that spans across genres, Andrew's versatility as a guitarist is truly remarkable. Whether he's diving into the cosmic realms of Space Rock, donning the glitz and glam of Glam Rock, or exploring the depths of esoteric music, his passion for experimentation and pushing boundaries shines through. His extensive experience performing on grand stages and being part of the thriving LA scene has shaped his expertise as a guitar tech, ensuring that he understands the unique needs and demands of musicians.

After his adventures in LA, Andrew decided to bring his wealth of knowledge and expertise back to his hometown of Houston. The local music community couldn't be more thrilled to welcome him back, as his presence promises an unparalleled level of skill and dedication. Andrew's return to Houston represents a boon for guitarists seeking exceptional craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and a genuine love for the instrument. We are delighted to have Andrew as part of our team, knowing that his expertise will elevate the guitar experience for musicians in the Houston area.






Alyssia, the vibrant and talented guitar salesperson, has finally found her home with us after working her magic at various guitar stores around town. With her magnetic personality and infectious enthusiasm, it's no wonder we were eager to bring her aboard. Alyssia's love for the guitar shines through in her captivating performances all over town as a member of her band Texture Yellow. Not one to rest on her laurels, she also frequently takes on solo gigs and steps in to fill the shoes of other musicians, making it seem like she plays every night of the week. Alyssia's passion for Telecasters is palpable, as she embraces their versatile tones to weave together mesmerizing sounds in the realms of shoegaze, dream pop, R&B, and neo-soul. Smart, funny, and armed with an passion of guitars, Alyssia effortlessly connects with customers, guiding them towards their perfect instrument and sharing her infectious passion for music.

With Alyssia as our guitar salesperson, customers are in for a delightful and engaging experience. Her sharp wit and intelligence make every interaction a joy, and her expertise in Telecasters ensures that aspiring guitarists receive personalized recommendations tailored to their musical aspirations. Alyssia's deep immersion in shoegaze, dream pop, R&B, and neo-soul genres allows her to understand the nuances and intricacies of these musical landscapes, translating into expert guidance for musicians exploring these styles. Whether she's captivating audiences with Texture Yellow, enchanting listeners with her solo performances, or helping customers find their dream guitar, Alyssia's charm, talent, and dedication make her an invaluable member of our team.







Christian, our charismatic online guitar salesman, brings a fresh and infectious energy to the world of guitars. Though relatively new to the instrument, he wasted no time in developing an insatiable obsession that fuels his rapid progression. Christian's primary instrument is the bass, but he has eagerly delved into the world of guitar, immersing himself in learning and expanding his musical horizons. His quick grasp of guitar concepts and techniques showcases his natural talent and voracious appetite for knowledge. However, it's not just his skills that make him stand out. Christian's sparkling wit, engaging personality, and passion for guitars make every interaction with him an absolute delight.

As our online guitar salesman, Christian effortlessly combines his passion for music with his sharp comedic timing and engaging demeanor. His ability to connect with customers and share in their excitement makes the online shopping experience a truly enjoyable one. Christian's genuine enthusiasm for guitars shines through in his personalized recommendations and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether he's cracking jokes, imparting guitar wisdom, or fueling his own musical growth, Christian's dedication, humor, and passion make him an invaluable asset to our team and a trusted ally for guitar enthusiasts worldwide.




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